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Pest Control

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Pest Control Termite Pest Control AS Pest Solution

Termite Control Services

  • Inspection and ID of termite species
  • Locate and treat the source of the infestation.
  • Methods of treatments may varies depending on species.

What are Termites

Firstly, termites are not ants. Thus we cannot resolve termite issues using ant control strategies. Next, they are commonly mistaken for ants. Especially the flying ones, winged termites or technically called “flying alates” 

You might have seen them swarming around lamps and light sources especially after rain.

File:Winged Termite (= Alate) (Macrotermes mossambicus ?) (11691023983).jpg

Many have commonly mistaken them as “Queen ants” out to look for a new nest. Well, they’re not. these are winged termites out to look for some delicious wood to feed on.

You’ll be absolutely safe if you do not use wood in your house.

Spotting termites

The easiest way to spot termites is to spot 1 of their 2 tell-tale signs.

  1. Wooden pallets
    Termite pallets
    If you see a small pile of wood pallets/ grains. That is a clear sign that you have a termite problem.

    Look out for these yellow/brownish grains under your wood furniture.
  2. Mud Tubes
    Termites do not walk about in the open like ants. They always form mud tubes to travel in. This is less likely seen in flats and apartments but pretty common in landed properties with gardens and easy access to soil such as a planter or garden.

Having termites treated as early as possible will reduce damage to your existing furniture and fittings. We once had a customer that delayed treatment to a point that they had to renovate the entire kitchen because the cabinets are no longer in any safe usable condition.

Termites feed on the wood from the inside. They build their nests and reproduce within the furniture, hollowing out your furniture making them week and susceptible to breaking and collapsing.

What to do when you have termite issues

If you spotted any of the 2 tell-tale signs above, take a photo and send them to us. We’ll have 1 of our technicians to come down to your place to take a look as soon as possible.

When it comes to termites, speed is key. By the time you see wooden pallet grains, they have already eaten much depth in to your precious furniture.

The sooner we start treatment the less costly the resultant damage will be.

Contact us to eradicate termites with our termite treatment before this happens!

Apparently, termites were a fan of Transformers as well. It’s sad to see such valuable collectibles go to waste.

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